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Introducing the

SuperBall Meniscal Repair System

The SuperBall™ is an all-inside, all-suture, knotless meniscal repair device that replaces hard polymer implants with soft flexible suture bundles. The SuperBall’s unique tensioning mechanism enables surgeons to have complete control of the repair, mimicking Inside-Out tensioning of the meniscus. It’s proprietary repair suture mesh lays flat, protecting the repaired meniscus and the articulating cartilage, while the SuperBall™ extracapsular fixation secures the repair and leaves no knots in the joint space.

SuperBall Features & Benefits

Anatomic Tensioning System

Mimics Inside-Out reduction of the meniscus

Low-Profile Integrated Adjustable Depth Limiter

Secure and reliable access to the repair site

Ergonomic Handle Design

Audible and tactile feedback provides surgeons with better control / Hybrid Trigger Mechanism with push or pull triggers

Low-Profile Crescent Needle Design

Tissue spearing needle insertion avoids punching holes in the meniscus

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