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AAPS enables safe, quick & easy patient-specific platelet concentrations featuring our novel 555 Ultra-HD PRP processing system.


Genesis Biologics is a medical device manufacturer & distributor of orthobiologics, allograft tissue & soft-tissue repair technologies.

Adaptive Autologous Processing System (AAPS)

with AAPS Dial-In Syringe offers:

  • Precise Dosage Control

  • Multiple PRP treatment options  (leukocyte rich, leukocyte poor)

  • Quick spin cycles

- all in one centrifuge.  more »

Adaptive Autologous Processing System (AAPS) with AAPS Dial-In Syringe offers:

  • Precise Dosage Control

  • Multiple PRP treatment options  (leukocyte rich, leukocyte poor)

  • Quick spin cycles

- all in one centrifuge.  more »

LIPOGEMS uses your own powerful fat to help you heal the natural way. Your fat provides cushion and support to damaged or injured tissue, and supports the healing process to optimize your recovery.  more »

Genesis PRP System Your blood contains platelets, which were once thought to have a single purpose. New science research has shown that centrifuging and concentrating the blood creates an abundance of healing components.  more »

The Genesis Allograft Portfolio

is sourced from facilities that maintain the highest of industry standards. We provide clinically efficacious tissue & regenerative products that go through mulitple checks at every step to ensure safety & reliability.  more »


Adaptive Autologous Processing System (AAPS) for PRP

The Genesis Biologics Adaptive Autologous Processing System (AAPS) for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) consists of our patented AAPS Dial-In Syringe and our Boost 2+ Digital Centrifuge. Together, they enable safe, quick and easy separation of blood components into customizable platelet concentrations.

Designed for use within the Clinic or Operating Room, AAPS delivers a tailored concentration approach for patient-specific treatment applications and allows: 

  • Mean of 78% platelet capture and up to 98% platelet capture rate 

  • Multi-level PRP preparations can achieve 2x+, 4x+, 7x+ 

  • Concentrations above baseline with minimal residual hematocrit (HCT) traces 

  • Production of leukocyte rich PRP can be achieved with 5x WBC if desired


Dual Syringe Design for

Precise dosage capture

PRP Sytems

Customized platelet and Leukocyte concentration in controlled doses, for specific procedures – All in a single platform. 














From 2x-10x baseline, AAPS offers multiple treatment options  (PRP-Leukocyte Poor, PRP-Leukocyte Rich) within one centrifuge. 


5 Minute Spin


5cc Volume


5x baseline concentrate

BOOST 2+ Flex Digital Centrifuge 

Most Diverse Processing System 

BOOST 2+ Flex is the only centrifuge designed with the unique needs of PRP, PRF, and other regenerative applications. 

Genesis AAPS, together with the Boost 2+ Flex centrifuge, provides the operator total control over the concentration process, post platelet isolation. 


  • Custom Pre-Sets

  • Single & Double Spins

  • AAPS & 15mL, 30mL HD PRP Gel Tubes

  • Lid Safety System






Platelet Rich Plasma Concentrate

Genesis PRP maximizes total platelet in the final product with the simplest approach


  • Pre-filled ACDA, eliminating a step in the procedure

  • Proprietary gel component captures red and white blood cells

  • Low remaining residual hermocrit

  • 99% reduction in RBCs

  • 92% reduction in WBCs

  • Yield platelet rich and platelet poor plasma

  • Single 10-minute spin with minimal steps

  • Pyrogen free, which reduces chance of skin reactions

  • Sterile closed system

  • Available in 15ml & 30ml sizes

  • FDA cleared Class II medical device



  • (1) Blood collection set 12G 

  • (1) Vacutainer holder

  • (2) Syringe 10cc

  • (1) Needle 18G x 1.5"

  • (1) Sponge 2x2/2 pk

  • (1) Tourniquet L/F

  • (1) Adhesive bandage

  • (1) Alcohol Prep LF

  • IFU


The LipogemsMFAT Advantage

  • Microfragmented Fat (MFAT) is minimally invasive to harvest

  • Most people have a lot of extra FAT

  • FAT is the highest quality tissue

  • FAT has 100-500 times more reparative cells than other similar tissue.

  • Research has shown that as a person ages, their FAT maintains its reparative properties unlike other similar tissue, such as bone marrow, which may lose healing capacity with age.

  • FAT contains many supportive and reparative cells that help to promote a healing environment throughout the body.


The Amazing Power of Fat

FAT is the highest quality tissue

Fat is a versatile tissue that plays essential roles in the way our body functions, but one of the most remarkable is the role that fat may play in how we heal. A variety of studies over many decades have been conducted exploring the healing potential of fat. 


Adipose tissue contains a high concentration of  important reparative cells that may help support the healing process.

FAT provides cushion & support

Adipose tissue is a structural tissue and provides cushion and support to help the healing process. Microfragmented adipose tissue from the LIPOGEMS device may be used for patients who are undergoing orthopaedic or arthroscopic surgery.


The Lipogems Minimally Invasive Procedure:

FDA Cleared for use in Orthopaedics

The LIPOGEMS process may offer a minimally-invasive option to major, invasive orthopaedic surgery. When utilized in orthopaedic medicine, LIPOGEMS technology supports a healing environment to help aid in the repair, replacement, reconstruction, and support of damaged or injured tissues.

Orthopaedic physicians, surgeons and researchers are the first to use the award winning LIPOGEMS device that gently processes and uses your body’s own fat tissue to cushion and support areas of injury or damage as your body heals itself. Ideal for patients that have an orthopaedic condition, unable to get major, invasive surgery, would like another option to major, invasive surgery.


Simple and quick procedure

LIPOGEMS preserves the reparative cells inside of the fat. The minimally invasive procedure can be performed in less than an hour in the physician’s office or in a surgical setting.

FDA Cleared for Orthopedic Surgery

Your own fat has the best quality tissue and there is minimal risk of rejection and infection. FAT has 100-500 times more reparative cells than other similar tissue in the body.

May be used in multiple locations

For patients that suffer from orthopaedic conditions in multiple areas of their body, the Lipogems device can easily process the fat tissue to be used in those areas.

Your premier provider for Regenerative & Tissue Products

A wide range of sports medicine soft tissue allografts. 

From conventional bone, dowels, shafts or whole bones.

Demineralized Bone Matrix putty, chips, fibers.

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